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82891  Coolguy: Watch out my dog, evil is afoot

82886  Kalos: People at work used to do this then fish it out to dry on the side.. because wiping your ass with wrinkled stuck together tissue is a GREAT idea!

82898  A Pillow of Winds: The Mighty Wurlitzer!

82893  redmonkey3: Trimurti looking a bit more comely than I recall...

82896  A Pillow of Winds: New switcherino, kids - e dg y magically transforms into great!

82893  Coolguy: Spend real adventure time with these girls

82895  Kalos: Tom Nook has loaned me the money for the ring, so it'll be paid off in no time.

82896  A Pillow of Winds: @Coolguy FULLY air conditioned - now that's great

82895  Coolguy: Looks like he hacked dance dance revolution for that proposal. Well done man

82896  Coolguy: The tripod is fully licensed and air conditioned, ready to serve

82885  Ouroborus: @hnnngh I didn't get to, :(

82894  Mr. Shine: Ditto spotted.

82776  redmonkey3: IMAGE = RAD VOTE / COMMENTS = SUPER RAD! / redmonkey neeeds funny larfffs... Thank You.

82894  KnowLifer: Spend real adventure time with this girl

82886  Wet farts: Where is your god now?

82738  Kalos: No, no, no.. CATNIPX and chill.

82897  Coolguy: I see what you did there... Clever

82888  heck: @hnnngh *drops mic*

82894  Dr. Obvious: Such beautiful eyes.

82894  lordfuzzybottom: AUGH

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82787 Warrax: The crying baby mask could mean he's making fun of this kind of person. This guy might be alright, probably a unique halloween costume.

82846 Air Biscuit: How many keys did you have to buy before you got that AWP?

82762 Barbo Rempumbies: "illegible" would be a cool band name.

82780 Lola: bad touch. even for wife.

82827 Bubu: marry me!!

82796 Amy Housewine: After several elocution lessons, Brian Blessed's table manners had improved slightly.

82788 Mitchell: Oh no, Aslan!

82815 Air Biscuit: The kid from #81978 grew up and hasent changed his language.

82800 anonymous: Oh, why did I click "show anyway"

82816 5 Headed Snake God: JESUS FUCKING CHRIST

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 Kalos: People at work used to do this then fish it out to dry on the side.. because wiping your ass with wrinkled stuck together tissue is a GREAT idea!
 Wet farts: Where is your god now?
 Air Biscuit: The end is nigh.
 carpwoman: Well, shit.
 dickbutt: God I fucking hate when that happens
 NoRagrets: Had a roommate once who did this. Wiped his as with a pillow basically.
 VoR: bread is better
Name: Comment:
Image 82886   02-11-16 6:09pm   Views: 2873   Uploaded by    Callahan
Image 82885 is unbelievably bad (score -22) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by A Decent Fellow. Boo, A Decent Fellow.
 Wet farts: Not entirely true. If the brown egg is cage free and organic it's full of awesomeness while the white egg is most likely full of chemicals and general shittiness.
 Warrax: Did it take 15 or 20 minutes to cut two eggs in half?
 Lousy AI: Moral of the story: we all go well with a side of toast.
 Skinr: who was her teacher, Michael Scott?
Name: Comment:
Image 82884   02-11-16 4:44pm   Views: 2757   Uploaded by    deadwombat
 Poop van Pants: I wanted to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture... and kill them
 Lousy AI: Sarah quickly realized that dimethyltrumptamine was ABSOLUTELY NOT the same thing.
 A Decent Fellow: Well... This Trumps my argument :/
Name: Comment:
Image 82883   02-11-16 4:40pm   Views: 2666   Uploaded by    Mentos Pormer
Image 82882 is unbelievably bad (score 0) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by original og. Boo, original og.
 Wet farts: I had fun once. It was awful.
 Ulillillia: George VI approves.
 Air Biscuit: The facial expressionally challenged always get fron of the line privlages.
 earl: tumblr.jpg
 Warrax: Fine, I'll try some of this "fun" you keep going on about, but only as long as it doesn't tarnish my dignity.
 A Pillow of Winds: Curb your enthusiasm
Name: Comment:
Image 82881   02-11-16 4:32pm   Views: 2533   Uploaded by    time is wastin
 Lousy AI: "Yeah, like a sweater could ever truly define who I am on the insi... Mom, I'll have to call you right back, I just found my grail."
 hnnngh: Freaking straight-edg.... wait, what?
 dark.elf.raya: Don't need life you say... Step into the circle my good man.
Name: Comment:
Image 82880   02-11-16 4:26pm   Views: 2331   Uploaded by    myrealname
 Lousy AI: FIGURE 35: By 2017 almost 45% of octopi were addicted to methamphetamines.
 DonkeyPuncher: oh god, right there, yes, just like that, oh I'm gonna ink, don't stop, here it comes, oh god, don't stop, I'm inking! I'm inking! I'm... hnnngh! Other octupus out of frame: I'll have what she's having.
 Chile Quornwrap: Dumb but funny
 dark.elf.raya: That diver is a sucker for punishment...
 A Pillow of Winds: Diver's got that octopod all worked up
Name: Comment:
Image 82879   02-11-16 4:21pm   Views: 2203   Uploaded by    J. Random Bozo
Image 82878 is unbelievably bad (score -7) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Mumbles. You have brought shame on us, Mumbles.
 carpwoman: Hoppy Halloween!
 Lousy AI: "Honey, do you know what this is?" she asked, slightly concerned. He turned around and took the card. "Oh, yeah, I used ot room with David Lynch in college. This is just how he sends birthday cards."
 A Pillow of Winds: Fine trophies, Black Bunny
 dark.elf.raya: @Warrax But who's looking at you from the shadows? ...waiting for the opportune moment.
 Warrax: am I supposed to LOOK AT THE BOOOOONES!?
Name: Comment:
Image 82877   02-11-16 4:09pm   Views: 1834   Uploaded by    Trumpysucks
 Ulillillia: Duffabetes
 Yam: Skittlebrau?
 Scoo: Is that just a shitload of cereal marshmallows??
 Warrax: Been nice knowing you buddy. Godspeed, and don't forget your fare for the ferryman.
Name: Comment:
Image 82876   02-11-16 4:15pm   Views: 2100   Uploaded by    Baby Jesus
 Lousy AI: "Oh man, my cat took all my acid!" Jack Swagger lamented, tossing the empty box away. Then it hit him. HE DIDN'T EVEN OWN A CAT.
 A Decent Fellow: @hnnngh this cat has tripped all the balls
 hnnngh: Cat's trippin balls.
Name: Comment:
Image 82875   02-11-16 4:03pm   Views: 2210   Uploaded by    Darth Bater
 Air Biscuit: She later became a man and opened a soup restaurant in new york.
 Warrax: @DonkeyPuncher You ordered 5 hotdogs? I like your style too.
 DonkeyPuncher: What?! Then you'd better be prepared to shit that quarter I gave you right back out!
 Warrax: She's cool, I like her style.
Name: Comment:
Image 82874   02-11-16 4:00pm   Views: 2793   Uploaded by    a robot
 Knice: *kicks shut office door* Welp, this won't be my proudest fap, but here goes...
 Flurble: F-F--F--Father???
 WaffleIron: ...That's the last time I click refresh here.
 hajjpodge: Wow this was supposed to be between you and me, you fucker.
 Warrax: Needs fire and explosions.
Name: Comment:
Image 82873   02-11-16 3:55pm   Views: 3997   Uploaded by    Mexico
 Mattixvii: This isn't the first time a pillow has lied to me.
 Warrax: @hnnngh I know, salad laughing is a MAN'S sport
 hnnngh: More believable than those pictures of women laughing over salads.
 Warrax: She doesn't love you back like I would. Run away with me, you beautiful pizza.
 A Pillow of Winds: Fun Fact: Hugging a frozen pizza can lead to frostbite and higher dry cleaning bills. Proceed with caution.
Name: Comment:
Image 82872   02-11-16 3:51pm   Views: 3898   Uploaded by    danny
Image 82871 is unbelievably bad (score -4) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Mexico. Your image was bad, Mexico.
 A Pillow of Winds: @gumble Those high-tension towers really add to the ambiance - all that humming on a humid day doesn't hurt.
 gumble: I just love what you've done to the place
 DonkeyPuncher: Sadly, this dude has way better photoshop skills than I do.
Name: Comment:
Image 82870   02-11-16 3:44pm   Views: 3677   Uploaded by    metallica
Don't just vote rad or bad - leave a comment below!
Name: Comment:
Image 82869   02-11-16 3:40pm   Views: 3655   Uploaded by    Social Vegan
 Ulillillia: You're all...I need...to get by
 hajjpodge: Honestly this is more of the look I have by the time I finish my shift.
 NoRagrets: Here's my number, so call me maybe.
Name: Comment:
Image 82868   02-11-16 3:37pm   Views: 3694   Uploaded by    champeen
 Mattixvii: @hnnngh yeah, going straight to hell.
 hnnngh: @Mattixvii Euuuuugh
 Mattixvii: @Science he's a growing child, he needs his protein.
 hnnngh: Oh crap I lol'd
 Science: If that kid keeps his mouth open like that, he's going to get a surprise...
 Fiasco: Well don't just sit there
 WaffleIron: Putting some hazardous emissions back into the VWs
 DonkeyPuncher: Farfegnugen!
Name: Comment:
Image 82867   02-11-16 3:31pm   Views: 3492   Uploaded by    Horp Lello
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